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Lu Yang, born in 1984 in Shanghai, is a colorful artist who uses different currents to convey strong messages. John Dodelande, a young French entrepreneur but above all a collector in love with Chinese contemporary art, presents this artist who goes beyond taboos of any kind.

Lu Yang breaks taboos with technology

Lu Yang’s works shed light on the contemporary issues of Chinese society. She tackles sometimes taboo themes, and for that, she does not hesitate to use technology: 3D animation films, video game installations, holograms, neon lights, virtual reality, software manipulation… However, the artist does not like to be categorized: “I am not a new media artist, nor a post-internet artist”.

Lu Yang also calls upon artists from various horizons for collaborations that bring another dimension to the messages she wishes to convey. Performers, designers, composers, musicians… The manga universe also characterizes her art.

” Delusional Mandala ” by Lu Yang

With ” Delusional Mandala “, Lu Yang offers us an artistic work rich in colors, in contrasts, which leads us to wonder about a complex issue: what about technological evolutions on our consciousness? This video, which can be disturbing, points out strong themes such as science, religion, mortality.

Lu Yang represented herself, in an asexual way, in this video, where she undergoes neuroscientific experiments. The spectator can see the reactions of her body, all this in a pop/manga spirit under a background of techno music, light at first sight. However, the message is there, and one becomes aware of it, especially at the end of the video where the character’s hearse is speeding away with Lu Yang’s virtual face.

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