lu yang artiste sans etiquette

The artist Lu Yang, committed and without a label

Lu Yang is an artist who mixes styles and techniques to sublimate her art, and convey strong messages. John Dodelande, a fan of Chinese contemporary art, highlights this committed artist, who does not hesitate to propose innovative, committed and shouting works.

Lu Yang, an artist with works that cry out for truth

If Lu Yang, a native of Shanghai, has a background that seems academic, his works do not hesitate to break taboos and disturb in order to convey strong messages. Societal, religious, sexual themes… The artist confronts the world with the problems of the Chinese population and culture, using certain codes such as manga or techno music.

At first glance, his works seem light by these often screaming colors. However, they lead us to question ourselves, to push certain reflections, sometimes to the point of disturbing.

The work ” Electromagnetic Brainology ” by Lu Yang

With “Electromagnetic Brainology”, Lu Yang once again surprised his audience with a live 3D performance during the exhibition #You #Me #OurSelfies at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre in January 2018.

This installation uses the symbols of Buddhism, with the four major elements of fire, earth, water and air. Lu Yang reinvents them in the form of half-gods, half-superheroes, but above all, each representing a central element of the human nervous system. This particularity is not without reminding his previous work, “Delusional Mandala”. We find the lively universe of Lu Yang, with frenetic music, garish colors, and a use of technology, with a large screen display. The artist has represented his face on a gigantic balloon sculpture, unfolding in the whole space.